Root Canal Therapy Near You

When oral decay is left unattended, it can reach the core of your tooth and harm the nerves, blood vessels, and other connective tissues located there. As a result, you can experience severe sensitivity and pain when eating, brushing your teeth, and even moving your jaw.

Root canals are a common treatment that dentists recommend to patients who are dealing with aggressive and long-term tooth decay. Even though you may have heard otherwise, in reality, this procedure is not painful; your dentist in Dearborn will provide you with medication to keep you comfortable while they work.

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root canal therapy in dearborn

How Do I Know If I Need a Root Canal?

It can be difficult sometimes to know whether we should seek dental care. To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of signs and symptoms you should keep an eye out for:

  • Your tooth is black.
  • Irritation or swelling of your gums.
  • Fragmented teeth.
  • Chronic tooth pain.
  • Severe sensitivity and pain to food and drink (mainly hot and cold).
  • Infection.
  • Oral trauma.

If you’re dealing with any of these things, it’s best to get in touch with a dentist nearby to discuss receiving root canal therapy in Dearborn.

Before any dental work can be done, you’ll be called in for an initial consultation. Your dentist will take x-rays and carefully examine your teeth and gums so they can get a complete understanding of your situation. They’ll talk to you about your dental history, habits, and preferences, and be able to tell you if you’re an ideal candidate for this form of treatment.

Root canal therapy boasts a high success rate, but, if you’re dealing with more complex problems, you may need to have the tooth fully extracted instead.

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Root canal treatment is a restorative dental procedure that’s performed when the pulp of a patient’s tooth is severely injured or infected. The entire purpose of this process is to save your tooth from having to be fully extracted.

Serious pain and sensitivity, especially when eating or drinking; pimples or swollen gums; an abscess; darkening of your tooth or the gums; and a severely fractured tooth are some of the main symptoms that, if you’re experiencing, may mean that you require a root canal to improve your oral health.

The success rate of this procedure is very high, sitting at 95%. Though it sounds scary and most of us don’t want to undergo such a treatment, it is very effective, and your smile will thank you. Your dentist will make sure that you’re comfortable as well by providing you with local anesthesia to numb the pain.

You’ll be able to get back to your daily routine the next day after your appointment. Your mouth should regain full feeling a few hours after the procedure. Be gentle around the site and stick to eating soft foods for the next bit to help speed up the healing process.

There are always potential risks regarding any sort of health treatment. Concerning root canal therapy, if your tooth is far too weakened or damaged to undergo the procedure despite being minimally invasive, it may need to be pulled instead. Secondly, if some of the infected pulp isn’t scraped out, it can lead to reinfection.