Oral Exams Near You

Just like dental cleanings, it’s important that you come in for an oral examination every 6 months too. Even though these treatments are usually combined into one appointment, they’re done for different reasons.

A dental cleaning removes plaque and tartar from your teeth and gum line to stop bacteria from gathering. During an oral exam, your teeth and gums will be closely assessed for signs of decay, inflammation, and even oral cancer. X-rays are also done during this process.

To learn more about oral exams near you, get in touch with our local dental practice. Our staff is here to address any questions you might have.

oral exams near you

Oral Exams in Detail

To help you make the distinction between a dental cleaning and a checkup, we’ve broken down the steps of an exam below:

Step 1: When you arrive at the clinic, you may need to fill out some forms first. Then, a dental hygienist will greet you and show you to a chair, making sure you’re feeling relaxed.

Dental hygienists typically handle the majority of the appointment; your dentist, however, will come to see you multiple times before you go and ensure that your oral health is on the right track.

Step 2: Your previous dental history and any current medical conditions will be discussed.

Step 3: Next, your hygienist will thoroughly evaluate your oral cavity which encompasses your teeth, gums, tongue, cheek tissues, and even your lips. They may also feel along your jaw to see if it’s correctly aligned and down your neck for abnormal bumps like unhealthy lymph nodes or cysts.

Step 4: A couple of X-rays will be taken to allow your dental team to see what’s happening below the surface of your gums, specifically with your bones and the roots of your teeth.

Then, you’re all done! It’s that quick! Oral exams in Dearborn are very straightforward and only last a couple of minutes or so.

Should you have any concerns at all, or require more care to remain comfortable, don’t hesitate to let your hygienist or your dentist know so they can many any necessary arrangements.

In some cases, if you’re dealing with more serious oral issues such as severe decay, advanced periodontal disease, missing teeth or are interested in undergoing orthodontic treatment, your dentist may ask you to come in more frequently.

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Once your dentist has welcomed you and has helped you get settled in the chair, they will begin the exam. First, they will studiously assess your smile which includes your teeth, gums, the palate (roof) and bottom of your mouth, and your tongue. Usually, when this is done, they will have x-rays done too. This measure helps them see how things are looking below the gum line, particularly with your tooth roots and bones.

An oral or dental exam isn’t like an exam you take in school as you’re not given a “pass” or “fail” grade. The situation is always relevant to your unique health status. With that said, the best dental checkups are when no plaque and tartar buildups, cavities, or infections are found; this also applies to more serious issues like gingivitis and oral cancer.

Compared to other dental treatments, this is a process that takes only 5 to 10 minutes or so. Your dentist will make sure that everything is in order with your smile before you leave the clinic.

No, it is not. An oral exam is when your dentist evaluates your mouth to create an accurate picture of your current health status.

Cleaning is what typically follows and involves removing bacteria, tartar, and plaque from your smile. This promotes fresh breath, decreases irritation and swelling, and brightens up the appearance of your teeth tooth. Dental cleanings also incorporate fluoride treatment.

Dental cleanings don’t hurt! However, you may feel a bit of sensitivity when the debris is being scraped off the surface of your smile. If you’re feeling uncomfortable or suffer from anxiety, talk to our dental team about sedation dentistry options.